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Our Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring (CCBS) works as a system to offer unparalleled control of your spring set-up.


Take weight out of your current suspension! The CCBS system can save you up to 70% of the weight of a steel spring while improving the dynamic response of your dampers with its reduced mass.

Suspension Friction

A CCBS stack stores energy by bending. This bending action replaces the friction-generating tilt of a coil spring. This critical change saves your damper shaft from a coil spring's unavoidable side load and reduces overall friction, enabling your suspension to do what it was designed to do - move.

We used a hydraulic perch, that shifts under the tilting force of a coil spring, so you can see the difference for yourself.

Tunable Rate

The CCBS system gives you the flexibility to dial in your spring rate in any increment. The great thing about building a single spring from many small elements is the ability to alter just one element and affect a very small change on the assembly. Or, swap out many components and see a large change. In this way, a CCBS stack can be tuned in very small or large increments. This tune-ability of rate, along with free length and displacement offers unprecedented flexibility in making spring rate decisions.

Cost Advantage vs. Titanium

Titanium springs often cost as much as $800 per rate! Utilizing an inventory of CCBS elements from which to build your required stack and rates, the Hyperco Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring system can cost as low as $150 per rate!